This new Enneagram Intense trainings considering 45–50 knowledge period, therefore the Basic Enneagram trainings offered ranging from 10 and 20 education period

This new Enneagram Intense trainings considering 45–50 knowledge period, therefore the Basic Enneagram trainings offered ranging from 10 and 20 education period

Eight Enneagram courses was basically considering ranging from 2005 and 2007, four where was in fact intensive courses and you will about three at which was basically basic courses. A baseline testing (pretest) occurred before the knowledge began and a follow-right up evaluation (posttest) happened eighteen months following baseline comparison.

The original 18 stems from WUSCT Means 81 had been applied at the beginning of each of the classes. eighteen months immediately after administration of the pretest, the past 18 stems of the WUSCT was in fact shipped to each and every investigation new member for a take-up testing. A personal-addressed stamp package was provided for participants who had been asked to finish the mode in this 2 weeks and you may return it to the provided return target of the mail. There can be an enthusiastic 84% get back rate of the shipped WUSCT models (n = 136 returned off 162 participants). Adopting the 14 variations was indeed taken out of people who took part in the unscheduled even more workout, the final sample consisted of 122 people.

Enneagram Intensive Trainings

This new Enneagram Intense Courses went within various moments and various metropolitan areas ranging from 2005 and you may 2006, having mainly an equivalent coaches. Two classes per totaling as much as 45 h happened within the Asheville, North carolina, between 2005 and you will 2006, and you can each other trainings was indeed co-triggerred from the exact same core faculty (DD and you can TS). About three classes per totaling everything 50 h happened inside 2006. A couple of three classes taken place into the Menlo Playground, California (one in January and one into the August), and you will a 3rd studies took place within the Scottsdale, AZ. Core professors DD co-triggerred all the about three of them classes. Center professors TS co-triggerred both Menlo Playground classes, plus one key professors PO co-facilitated both Menlo Playground ().

Basic Enneagram Trainings

The 3 Enneagram Basic Programs was given between 2006 and 2007 and you may provided between six and you may 20 education times. The original Introductory path happened on one date during the Berkeley, Ca, having core faculty PO and you may teacher Desktop; this 1-big date degree survived as much as six h. The following Basic way taken place more one week-end into the Minnesota during the 2007 which have core faculty DD and you may TS and endured everything thirteen h overall. The 3rd Introductory course occurred weekly over ten months within the Palo Alto, Ca, ranging from with four instructors JK, SS, LH, and you may NV, and in full given everything 20 degree occasions.

New Intervention

This new Enneagram trainings within data utilized the Story Traditions method. The main ability in the method is exercises the fresh Enneagram of the interviewing representatives of the 9 versions on what is named a beneficial variety of panel. Enneagram sorts of boards is actually a coaching approach you to definitely encourages discover mining each and every identification kind of. An application panel made-up individuals who portray the sort getting checked of the sharing the importance and you may limits from care about-observations, intellectual preoccupations, and strengths and weaknesses of type (Palmer 1995). Enneagram kind of boards constructed individuals currently subscribed to the fresh Enneagram course incase needed attendees away from previous courses you to pick having you to of your 9 type of this new Enneagram. Sorts of panels assist educate most recent direction enrollees regarding very first templates of one’s 9 additional Enneagram models, and you will as a result of teacher-facilitated interview to the panelists, in addition to help provide higher expertise and you will insight into the brand new lived experiences of nine different Enneagram items.

Didactic discovering incorporated lectures, and you may question-and-answer segments. The latest didactics regarding the analysis concerned about the newest theoretical structures out of each kind plus: (a) differences in rational preoccupations; (b) processes and you can tasks off individual innovation; (c) core beliefs; (d) operating emotions; (e) awareness of habits and you may reactivity; and you will (f) pros and you may demands of each and every kind of.

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